How to Communicate With Us

We are all very computer geeky and much prefer email over the telephone. The Blackboard eLearning system has a built-in email, but it is better to use Laurie Arizumi sensei's office email if you need something right away. Please note that Laurie is also in charge of online Chinese and Arabic and 8 separate eLearning sections of Japanese courses. It takes awhile to open all of those classes in eLearning so if you have an urgent question or your proctor needs a test sent, please use the Modern Languages office email address:

Laurie Arizumi:

All questions about your grades and other course administration-type questions should go to Laurie Arizumi. You should not be emailing the tutors with questions, but you can Instant Message them during tutoring hours and ask any question you like about Japanese language or culture. If you are interested in attending The University of Alabama and majoring or minoring in Japanese, feel free to email Koji Arizumi. He also has a lot of advice and information on Study Abroad in Japan. Koji's email is:

Koji Arizumi:

Once you enroll, you and your proctor will be given our full contact information: mailing address, telephone, and fax. Koji Arizumi or Laurie Arizumi can be reached through the Modern Languages & Classics department at The University of Alabama (205) 348-5059. If you are on campus in Tuscaloosa, stop by office 200-F in B.B. Comer Hall (Laurie's office) or 200-D, B.B. Comer Hall (Koji's office).