Nihongo Web: Online Japanese Courses

Nihongo Web Online Japanese offers 4 semesters of Japanese language: JA 101, JA 102, JA 201, and JA 202. Each course lasts approximately 15 weeks, and follows the same academic calendar as the University of Alabama classroom classes. Students must complete a course within the term allotment as stated in MyBama (Fall or Spring term -- Summer term is not offered). All levels are available during both Fall and Spring terms, but cannot be taken simultaneously.

High school students enrolling for college credit must enroll in The University of Alabama's Early College program and must complete the courses within the term enrolled, just like regular college students. Before taking any online courses at UA, high school students must first complete a preliminary Gateway Course. The Gateway Course is available in the summer.

The prerequisite for courses JA 102-901 or higher is completing the previous semester course with a C- or better, or completion of a placement test.

You will have approximately FOUR MONTHS to complete each course. You can check online in MyBama for deadlines once you have enrolled.

What you need to purchase for the course:
The curriculum is based on the new third edition of the Nakama textbook by Hatasa, Hatasa and Makino. Instructions on ordering the book and workbook are included in the syllabus in the Blackboard Learn site which you will have access to once you have enrolled. We will cover the same material in Nihongo Web that the University of Alabama covers, so if you decide to come to UA you will be on track with our classroom Japanese courses. If you don't intend to come to UA, many other universities use Nakama as well. We will cover:

If you feel you can skip into 102 (or higher), you must take a placement exam first if you have not received a formal grade from another educational institution using the same curriculum. College credit students must receive a C- or higher grade to go into the next level. You may repeat a course (but you will have to pay tuition again) if you score lower than a C- in it. You CANNOT take JA 102 if you cannot expertly read/write hiragana, katakana, or the kanji as listed in the Nakama 1 curriculum. If you are enrolling for college credit and do not have the equivalent of JA 101 you will need a permit (computer override) to enroll from Laurie Arizumi, the head instructor, before you can enroll through MyBama. If you place into JA 102 but have not formally taken a college Japanese 101 course equivalent (as recorded on a college transcript), you will NOT receive credit hours for any course other than the JA 102 course you complete with us. In other words, no "retro or back credit" is given.

Nihongo Web is different from classroom teaching because you will be privately tutored instead of group tutored. You will be talking one-on-one with Japanese tutors who can help you with your special situation and go at your pace. Most students benefit from at least one intense session a week, and two is optimum. We do ask that you prepare in advance by using the Nakama audio files to learn vocabulary, go through the Chapter PowerPoints and other online supplementary materials, and carefully read the excellent grammar explanations in your textbook BEFORE contacting us for tutoring so we don't have to waste valuable tutoring time drilling words. Like our campus students, you are responsible for learning the words and reading the grammar points before "class." What the tutors will do is help you use what you have learned to actually communicate in Japanese. We hold ALL of our Japanese language students at UA (including our distance education students) to a very high standard.

Once you enroll and have access to the Blackboard Learn site you will find your syllabus which contains all the important information you need such as our Skypename and detailed Lesson Plan, an online Grade Book to check your scores privately, a Discussion Forum to chat with classmates, and of course all the study materials you need.