Description and Duties of the Proctor

If you are taking Japanese 1 or 2 for credit, you will need a proctor to monitor your written tests. There are 7 written unit tests and a final exam (no midterm) in JA 101 and 6 chapter tests and a final exam in JA 102. Tests usually take less than a 50-minute class period to complete but there is no strict set limit. The final exam can take up to 2 hours. The proctor may NOT be a parent unless you are in a certified homeschool situation. Most proctors are teachers, technology staff, school administrators or military personnel if you are in the service. Proctors do not have to know any Japanese. The main requirement is that your proctor is able to email Laurie Arizumi and request a test to be emailed as a PDF (this type of file allows computers without enabled Japanese font to print the tests properly), print the file in black and white only, and schedule a time with you to take the test. You do not need to tell us when you have a test scheduled -- just do it and send it in for grading! You arrange the time yourself to fit your schedule and your proctor's convenience. The proctor then monitors you, and when you are finished, either mails the test back to us for grading, or if you are not in the continental US, scan and email it back or fax it. That is the only duty of the proctor. If you feel you need a local "facilitator" to help you stay on track, organize your time, and check on you, that can be anyone, including a parent.

Your proctor does not need to monitor any of the other tests or assignments besides the chapter tests and the final exam mentioned above. You can do your oral ("speaking") quizzes without anyone watching over you, even if you do not use a web camera.

When you enroll, you and your proctor will be given all of our contact information (phone number, fax number, mailing address, email).