Koji Arizumi

Koji Arizumi (有住幸二) was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, but grew up in Tokyo. He attended Waseda University High School and went on to Waseda University majoring in physics (optics). While in college, he took up the flute and percussion and played in a small band with friends (Bossa Nova!). He decided he liked music so much, he went on to get a masterís degree in flute performance at Western Illinois University. Koji wanted a lifestyle unchained to the business world. Twenty years ago, if you entered a Japanese company, you were there for life and had to work your way up not by merit but by seniority. The system is gradually changing.

Koji takes a lesson from Alain Marion.

Koji has always been athletic and loves the outdoors. In high school, he was a star track runner on the 1600 meter relay team. He also played rugby and tennis. Koji runs in local 5K and 10K races now, but wonít do a marathon with Laurie! Koji would rather do mountain climbing and rafting. Although Kojiís father was a high-ranking kendo and judo expert, Koji did not do any martial arts because he went to a special high school that stressed a "Western" curriculum. The only Japanese hobby Koji participates in is playing Go.

Kojiís mother, older sister and older brother all live in Tokyo (Koenji and Kodaira areas). Koji has two nieces and two nephews. Kojiís parents were originally from Tokushima, and Koji has aunts and uncles there. Although Koji misses his family, he doesnít think he can move back to Japan. After twenty years in America, he has grown to love the wide open spaces and beauty of the countryside. He is happy teaching Advanced Japanese language and Japanese Literature in Translation at The University of Alabama.

Koji is also the Director of the UA Critical Languages Center.


Rafting on the Nantahala River