Nozomi Daiko Web Album
Welcome to our web album! Click on a description to see the picture. The best of 2002-2005  

"The Woodcutter and His Wart" presented for Cullman schools

Marco Lienhard taiko workshop
Oak Mountain Elementary School
UA Homecoming parade banner
Homecoming taiko float
Playing on the Quad
Matsuri in the Mall 2004
Cullman performance
Woodcutter play
More woodcutter action
Josh has a tail
Audience participation
Kids get to try out the drums
Little kids love taiko
Babies love taiko!
What we do when we party
Decatur newspaper article
Clas invites us to party at his place
Playing taiko makes you hungry
Japan Fest in Atlanta - audience participation
Tanko Bushi dance
Relaxing after JapanFest (Atlanta)
Signing autographs for the kids